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05 January 2013

2012 had been a fairly successful year in some aspects. In some, it was terrible.


I had set a target of 1500 miles and was possibly very very short of this target. A lot of things caused this - mostly my laziness. However the good news was that I was able to get back to biking after my rather long hiatus after an accident. Also I never did many 50 miles rides. There was just one 50 mile ride. Most rides were shorter, though they included some rides to Palomares.

The best thing however was, I got closer to my ideal weight. I got better average speeds. I expanded my territory, i.e. got into mountain biking. I did some rides in Skyline but several rides at Mission Peak. Also my climb speed has improved a lot.

For 2013, I want to revive my goal from 2012, i.e. 1500 miles on my road bike. I have signed up for an 80 miler in May. Also I want to pack in a few mountain rides. And I want to buy my own mountain bike. I’m looking at the '13 Specialized Camber 29. Any suggestions are welcome.


I was able to manage to start running. It took a lot of effort, but I got comfortable with running ~10K. The speed isn’t great, but it’s still something. For 2013, I’m thinking of getting to do a half marathon.


I took help from a personal trainer to get my shit straight. And that was helpful. If you need help with your fitness goals, do consider consulting a personal trainer. You might think you don’t want to hulk up, and that’s fine, but having a trainer who knows what the hell they’re doing advise you is better than you trying to figure out how to reach your goals.

For 2013, my goal keep this going. As a first hurdle, I seem to have screwed up my wrist, again.

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