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31 August 2016

Maven has a way to configure mirrors in settings.xml. Gradle doesn’t have a direct analogue to it, but what it has is really nice. Also it’s under-documented.

Let’s say you’re using gradle at work, and you want to use your company’s maven mirror. You might want to do this for numerous reasons.

  • The connection to the open internet is very slow

  • The connection to the open internet protected by a proxy that prevents access to maven central

  • You want to audit what is being used in projects at work

Let’s say your maven mirror’s url is http://repo.internal.example.com/releases

Just create a file called init.gradle under $USER_HOME/.gradle with this in it

allprojects { (1)
  buildscript { (2)
    repositories {
      mavenLocal() (3)
      maven { url "http://repo.internal.example.com/releases" } (4)
  repositories { (5)
    maven { url "http://repo.internal.example.com/releases" }
1 This says we want to apply to all projects on this machine.
2 This says you want to modify the build script dependencies too. This will make gradle plugins and build dependencies also use your mirror.
3 This says to look in maven local first. That’s typically your $USER_HOME/.m2/repository directory.
4 This says to look at your maven mirror next if the artifact could not be found.
5 This says to do the same set of changes for non-build dependencies of your gradle projects.

You can find more information on what else you can do with init scripts here.

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